About us

Our history

New Containers Terminal s.r.l., a limited liability company established in 1991, based in Naples at Via Argine Trav. Fossitelli, 500 mt from motorway junctions and 1,500 mt from the port area. This company borns from the need of shipping companies to keep their container fleet in perfect condition. It is therefore essential that, between trips, each individual unit suffers the appropriate interventions to keep it efficient.


NCT s.r.l. offers the following services:

  • Entry of the container into the storage
  • Inspection of containers according to the manual I I C L or to directions from the owner
  • Damaged unit placement
  • Repair and/or maintenance
  • Repaired unit placement
  • Exit of the container from the storage
  • Reefer Embarking/Disembarking container storage
  • Reefer container management and preparation (PTI)


NCT s.r.l. has supplied the following units for this purpose and for all container movements:

  • #5 mod. EC08.8 FERRARI 80 q.li CVS forklift, suitable for lifting and handling empty 20’, 40’, 45’ containers at a lifting height of 20 mt
  • #2 mod. E 1.75XM Hyster 17,5 q.li electric carts with a lifting height of 4.330 mm
  • #1 workshop equipped with specific machinery for the maintenance and/or repair of containers